JBA Brochure to introduce the first of the Falcon models.

When we had a JBA Factory in full production from 1982 to 1st August 2004 the three directors at the time made sure each new model was regularly featured in the Kitcar Press magazines and complied with the existing regulations throughout their 22 years, including passing UK Vosa SVA/BIVA tests and TUV tests in the EU.
A 2004 JBA Engineering Ltd Sports SR kit has passed the new BIVA test in June 2009. Learn more about falcon car care service plan

After 22 years of continuous production, the new owner of the factory who took over in August 2004 failed to supply any parts from the start of 2005. The company was put up for sale in May 2005 and was later dissolved by Companies House on 23rd August 2007.

As some of you will know, most of the contents of this website were moved to the JBA Owners Club website in March 2005 five years ago to help their members obtain parts and continue with their builds. See more here falcon car care service plan.

Due to the factory situation with the new owner from August 2004 till December 2007, I closed most of this site down and only promoted the JBA Owners Club. They have done an excellent job providing help and parts and keeping the JBA Marque alive. Please continue to give them your support.